GET api/Voters/VoterId/{VoterId}

Returns the registration details for a voter using voter id

Request Information


NameDescriptionAdditional information

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Response Information

Response body formats

application/json, text/json

  "Id": "sample string 1",
  "VoterStatus": "sample string 2",
  "VoterStatusID": 3,
  "bRegistered": true,
  "VotingStation": {
    "Name": "sample string 1",
    "Delimitation": {
      "ProvinceID": 1,
      "Province": "sample string 2",
      "MunicipalityID": 3,
      "Municipality": "sample string 4",
      "WardID": 5,
      "VDNumber": 6
    "Location": {
      "Town": "sample string 1",
      "Suburb": "sample string 2",
      "Street": "sample string 3",
      "Latitude": 4.1,
      "Longitude": 5.1,
      "ProvinceID": 6,
      "Province": "sample string 7",
      "MunicipalityID": 8,
      "Municipality": "sample string 9",
      "WardID": 10,
      "VDNumber": 11,
      "VotingDistrict": "sample string 12",
      "VDAddress": "sample string 13"
  "VoterId": 5

application/xml, text/xml

<Voter xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <Id>sample string 1</Id>
  <VoterStatus>sample string 2</VoterStatus>
      <Municipality>sample string 4</Municipality>
      <Province>sample string 2</Province>
      <Municipality>sample string 9</Municipality>
      <Province>sample string 7</Province>
      <Street>sample string 3</Street>
      <Suburb>sample string 2</Suburb>
      <Town>sample string 1</Town>
      <VDAddress>sample string 13</VDAddress>
      <VotingDistrict>sample string 12</VotingDistrict>
    <Name>sample string 1</Name>