GET api/v1/VotingStationDetails?Latitude={Latitude}&Longitude={Longitude}

Details for a voting station based on a GPS coordinate location

Request Information


NameDescriptionAdditional information
The GPS latitude

Define this parameter in the request URI.

The GPS longitude

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Response Information

Response body formats

application/json, text/json

  "Name": "sample string 1",
  "Delimitation": {
    "ProvinceID": 1,
    "Province": "sample string 2",
    "MunicipalityID": 3,
    "Municipality": "sample string 4",
    "WardID": 5,
    "VDNumber": 6
  "Location": {
    "Town": "sample string 1",
    "Suburb": "sample string 2",
    "Street": "sample string 3",
    "Latitude": 4.1,
    "Longitude": 5.1,
    "ProvinceID": 6,
    "Province": "sample string 7",
    "MunicipalityID": 8,
    "Municipality": "sample string 9",
    "WardID": 10,
    "VDNumber": 11,
    "VotingDistrict": "sample string 12",
    "VDAddress": "sample string 13"

application/xml, text/xml

<VotingStation xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
    <Municipality>sample string 4</Municipality>
    <Province>sample string 2</Province>
    <Municipality>sample string 9</Municipality>
    <Province>sample string 7</Province>
    <Street>sample string 3</Street>
    <Suburb>sample string 2</Suburb>
    <Town>sample string 1</Town>
    <VDAddress>sample string 13</VDAddress>
    <VotingDistrict>sample string 12</VotingDistrict>
  <Name>sample string 1</Name>